About Tohoku Food Culture

From way back Tohoku has been the center of production supporting Japanese kitchen.

Tohoku is known as a major rice producing area in Japan, and has always been a main producer of the rice central to the Japanese diet.

It’s not only agricultural produce, but also seafood from the outstanding Ria Coastline of the Sanriku Coastal region, which can boast one of the most varied and abundant catches in Japan.

In addition, more than urban areas, the region is still plentiful in rich natural lands where livestock farming can prosper. Stress has a detrimental effect on the quality of the meat, so the cattle are raised in a good natural environment with as little stress as possible.

As for fruits, the Zao Mountain range is a large range of mountains where a variety of fruits are grown making use of the steep inclination. Because of the clearly defined seasons and climate, and the strong variance of temperatures distinctive fruits are produced.

Also the magnificence and calm climate is expressed in the character of the people living in Tohoku. In Japan the people of Tohoku are said to be especially calm and kind, but not only that, but also that they care for nature, and are grateful for the blessings received from nature, and spare no effort to make the best produce while constantly learning new techniques.

Even within Japan, the climate is divided between east and west of the Zao mountain range. With the sea of Japan to the west and the pacific ocean to the east both have characteristic fishing grounds and an area of natural abundance remains.

Also knowledge and gratitude are accumulated daily in the people who handle the produce.
Tohoku is overflowing with food that is truly delicious.
We hope to send the food, cultivated by the people in this special climate, out into the world.