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KAIYU Fresh Oyster

We will deliver live oysters grown in Ogatsu Bay, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, directly from the production area. It contains plenty of minerals from Ogatsu Bay.

KITASANRIKU FACTORY CAS frozen Tsubonuki (North purple sea urchin with shell)

Sea urchins (urchin farms) are thoroughly managed, so they are delicious and stable. This product opens the sea urchin and carefully removes the internal organs. This product is commonly called “Tsubonuki”, and skilled skills are required to finish this product.Only we can finish freshness while it is fresh. Once delivered to customers, they can be eaten as they are. At restaurants, etc., you can immediately use it as a dish, so chefs will appreciate it.


This is superb salted sea urchin by using top-quality urchin from the 'Sea Urchin Farms' at Hirono Town, Iwate Prefecture. Since food additives such as alum are not used and sea urchin is seasoned only with a small quantity of salt, it attains sophisticated taste of sea urchin. While non-standard sea urchins are frequently used for salted sea urchins, we select quality sea urchins from the Special A Rank sea urchins fit for raw consumption. It is salted and bottled but tastes almost raw.

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