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YAMANAKA Frozen Oyster with Shell

Oysters are called ''milk in the ocean" in Japan. Our oysters are immediately frozen after landing at -50 degrees in our tunnel and proton freezers. YAMANAKA select best season oysters harvested from March to June.

ag-people Premium 100% Wild Grape Juice

In an unusual practice, we thoroughly raise our Japanese indigenous wild grape, the Crimson Glory vine, in cool climates. Try it straight to taste the juice itself first. It goes well with bread and meat-based dishes. It shows its true potential in a sauce with red meat, deer, pheasant, and other game. Please enjoy our Crimson Glory grape juice in any situation, whether at a restaurant, at a party, or as a gift.


MIGAKI-ICHIGO is strawberry brand which was born in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi-pre. MIGAKI-ICHIGO is superiority and stable strawberry because it is cultivated by master craftmanship ×IT tech. You can enjoy MIGAKI-ICHIGO in special packages.

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