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KAIYU Fresh Oyster

We will deliver live oysters grown in Ogatsu Bay, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, directly from the production area. It contains plenty of minerals from Ogatsu Bay.

KITASANRIKU FACTORY CAS frozen Tsubonuki (North purple sea urchin with shell)

Sea urchins (urchin farms) are thoroughly managed, so they are delicious and stable. This product opens the sea urchin and carefully removes the internal organs. This product is commonly called “Tsubonuki”, and skilled skills are required to finish this product.Only we can finish freshness while it is fresh. Once delivered to customers, they can be eaten as they are. At restaurants, etc., you can immediately use it as a dish, so chefs will appreciate it.


This is superb salted sea urchin by using top-quality urchin from the 'Sea Urchin Farms' at Hirono Town, Iwate Prefecture. Since food additives such as alum are not used and sea urchin is seasoned only with a small quantity of salt, it attains sophisticated taste of sea urchin. While non-standard sea urchins are frequently used for salted sea urchins, we select quality sea urchins from the Special A Rank sea urchins fit for raw consumption. It is salted and bottled but tastes almost raw.


We carefully select fresh urchin grown in the 'Sea Urchin Farms' at Hirono Town, Iwate Prefecture, and steam them within 3 hours after landing. This product is widely accepted as a high-quality delicacy with rich natural flavor. Since salt and seasoning are not used, it attains sophisticated taste of sea urchin. The steaming process enhances its inherent sweet taste.

HORAIYA HONTEN Sagohachi Pickling Base

The Sagohachi pickling base is the traditional combination of salt, steamed rice and rice koji. It is a quick and easy way to make delicious pickles.


Horaiya’s rice malt is fermented and matured with soy sauce. Fermentation with koji rice malt makes the soy sauce mild and less salty. A sweeter and thicker finish that complements tofu, sushi and sashimi.

HORAIYA HONTEN Takara Miso White (No additives) 

Takara Miso White is a popular miso locally. This miso is produced traditionally with high quality koji and soybeans. The taste is mild and the sweetness of koji is stronger than Takara Miso Red.

HORAIYA HONTEN Takara Miso Red (No additives) 

Takara Miso Red is produced using traditional miso practices.It is matured and the umami can be felt deeply.The miso flavor is stronger than Takara Miso White.

RYOMI VINEYARD & WINERY Rose Assemble 2019

You can feel the gorgeous scent of strawberries, cherries, roses, etc. in the pale color of brilliant raspberry pink. The taste is dry but the acidity is mild and easy to drink, the fruit is rich, well-balanced and harmonious. An original rosé wine made by blending four Japanese grape varieties (Muscat Bailey A, Black Queen, Stuben, Campbell Early). You can enjoy it in various situations indoors and outdoors such as glamping.

RYOMI VINEYARD & WINERY Koshu sur lie 2019

It is a dry white wine that uses Koshu grapes peculiar to Japan, has citrus nuances such as grapefruit and citrus, and has a rich aroma and a refreshing taste. You can enjoy the depth of the taste even more while enhancing it without canceling the delicate taste of Japanese food.

RYOMI VINEYARD & WINERY Rouge Standard 2019

The wine has a red garnet tone, a rich aroma with a red fruity aroma and spice nuances, and is a well-balanced and palatable wine. The rich taste is a wine that is easy to match with various meals, including meat dishes such as beef.

ABECHO SHOTEN Grilled Swordfish

Frozen swordfish fillet block Tataki (surface grilled) for sashimi quality from Kesenumuma, Miyagi pref.

ABECHO SHOTEN Swordfis Fillet

Frozen swordfish fillet block for sashimi quality from Kesenumuma, Miyagi pref.


Frozen skipjac tuna fillet Tataki (surface grilled) for sashimi quality. Good enough portion for one sashimi plate at reastaurant.


Frozen skipjac tuna fillet for sashimi quality. Good enough portion for one sashimi plate at reastaurant.

KITANIHON SUISAN Kippin Boiled Abalone

Rich and sweet abalone is widely loved as one of the high-class ingredients. The abalone is said to be the finest abalone grown in the natural environment peculiar to the Sanriku Rias coast, and is characterized by its rich flavor. The taste is rich and the taste is condensed. "Kippin Boiled Abalone" is a soft texture of our thick abalone. Please enjoy the best abalone made with carefully selected materials. * The shell and body can be easily removed by hand. Cut it to the size you like with the "Kimo" that you have on your body. Please enjoy as it is.

KITANIHON SUISAN Boiled Frozen Abalone

Sanriku farmed abalone was blanched and frozen alive. After thawing, it can be eaten raw, boiled or baked. It is a very easy-to-use product with less deterioration after thawing than a product that has been frozen alive.

KITANIHON SUISAN Made of Smoked Abalone from Iwate Prefecture

Iwate abalone is smoked by a special method. It is smoked made by aging the taste of Sanriku abalone. Very soft and smoked, the taste is condensed and it is the best gem to accompany wine and sake.

KITANIHON SUISAN Live Abalone from Iwate Prefecture (S size)

This product is small but very soft, and the quality is almost the same as the regular product. Abalone Usually has a high product image, but it is more reasonable than regular products and fits your budget It is a product that we can propose in the form. Widely used for processing, seafood barbecue, single dish such as sushi, and accompaniment in cooking It is a product that can be used.

KITANIHON SUISAN Live Abalone from Iwate Prefecture

We are the only company in Japan in terms of integrated production, and we carry out integrated production from parent shell breeding to product size. It is a purely domestic abalone that is cultivated in an environment with good production control and that claims to be safe and secure.


It is a familiar soy sauce pickle made by soaking seafood (Kazunoko, dried squid, kelp) and mountain food (radish, cucumber) in a unique soy sauce flavor. A long-standing best-selling product.


Capelin eggs, kazunoko, dried squid, kelp, and mung bean vermicelli pickled in soy sauce. You can enjoy it in combination with other foods.

YAMAMOTO FOODS Mustard Mentaiko Kazunoko

It is a child with a moderately spicy seasoning. Finished in a mustard mentaiko style.

SEAFOODS AKAMA “Mekabu” Root Seaweed

We boiled the ”Mekabu” that were cultivated in the Sanriku sea and chopped them into small pieces to make them easier to eat. You can enjoy a soft texture and a deep taste.

SANYOU SUISAN Fried Oysters (Large size)

Only large oysters from Miyagi prefecture were selected and carefully wrapped in a special batter, and the batter was large and the batter was crispy, and the inside was juicy.

SANYOU SUISAN Grilled Oyster Skewers

Large oysters were steamed and roasted. Roasted oysters are carefully stabbed one by one by hand, and the original taste of oysters and the aroma of roasted oysters are exquisite.

SANYOU SUISAN Raw Edible Half Shell Oyster

It is a commercial product that you can enjoy the taste and texture that is almost the same as fresh oysters by thawing with running water. Oysters with frozen shells that can be eaten raw all year round!

SANYOU SUISAN Steamed Oysters

It is a product created by focusing on the quality of each raw material and concentrating the purchase and production in the early spring when the taste and the taste are most condensed in the season.


Using all the oyster meat and extracts as they are, we have created a rich and flavorful oyster paste using our unique manufacturing method.

SASAKEI “Koyaki Sasa Komachi” Fish Cake with Cheese

It is a mini-sized Fish Cake that is easy to eat. Can be shipped refrigerated or frozen in a vacuum pack. Plain and cheese flavors have a track record of export.

GRA Migaki Ichigo Canette

We use plenty of Migaki strawberry from Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture. It is slightly sweet and slightly carbonated to reduce the alcohol content. You can enjoy two types, clean sweet white and sweet red with a little richness.

YAMANAKA Sashimi Sea Squirt

Fresh sea squirts from Sanriku were stripped immediately after landing. After opening, you can eat it raw.


Scallops grown in Miyagi, Sanriku, which is rich in nutrients from the sea, are immediately frozen immediately after landing. The average size is 12 cm or more, and it is suitable for various cooking methods.


Junmai Daiginjo with a very gorgeous scent. Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo prefecture, which is said to be the finest sake rice, is used luxuriously. The gentle sweetness of rice and the fruity and pleasant taste spread in your mouth. Please enjoy it with dishes that enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

IGARASHI SEIMEN Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is the one of 3 kinds of famous ramen in Japan. Thin dry noodle is dried and aged with low temperature 48 hours that is not fried with oil. This mellow Tonkotsu Ramen have fragrance of shoyu and garlic with the coating of rich taste oil.

IGARASHI SEIMEN Tokyo Soy Sauce Ramen

Tokyo's down town Shoyu Ramen. Medium-thin curly noodle dried and aged with low temperature 48 hours that is not fried with oil. This nostalgic Shoyu Ramen is charactarized have fragrance of shoyu and flavored vegetables.

IGARASHI SEIMEN Kitakata Ramen Series 

Kitakata Ramen is the one of 3 kinds of famous ramen in Japan. Medium-thin curly noodle dried and aged with low temperature 48 hours that is not fried with oil. Its characters are cleary fresh delicious taste soy sauce soup and thick sticky noodle.

KANEDAI Deep Water Red Crab Claws

Deep water red crab is boiled and frozen within one hour after landing, and has never been thawed until it reaches the customer. Therefore, you can enjoy the fresh flavor of crab. One claw is characterized by its strong elasticity and chewy texture even in the crab part.

KANEDAI Deep Water Red Crab Combo Meat

It is a product for export of Deep water red crab stripped meat, which is consistently carried out in-house from fishing to manufacturing to sales. A commercial pack containing each part in a natural assortment.

KANEDAI Deep Water Red Crab Stripped

It is a product for export of Deep water red crab stripped meat, which is consistently carried out in-house from fishing to manufacturing to sales. It is a commercial product that contains each part in a natural assortment.

YAMAMOTO FOODS Nebuta Matsumaezuke

It is a soy sauce pickle made by adding kelp, dried squid, and mung bean vermicelli, which are famous in the North Sea, to a bite-sized kazunoko and soaking it in our unique low-salt seasoning liquid. The feature is that there are plenty of kazunoko.

YAMAMOTO FOODS Kazunoko Soy Sauce Pickles

A mellow finish with low-salt soy sauce that makes the best use of umami ingredients and high-quality kelp extract.

UOKIKU SUISAN Opening of Conger Eel

The conger eel landed at the Ishinomaki fishing port was opened and frozen while it was fresh. We have selected the standards that are easy to cook. Since it is unseasoned and the ingredients themselves, it can be used for various dishes such as tempura, boiled anago, and terrine.

DEN DEN MUSHI Pesticide-free Sasanishiki

After harvesting rice straw, it is returned to the rice fields to replenish the nutrients in the soil, and by not using pesticides such as herbicides, it creates an environment where various creatures on the soil and the ground are actively active and circulate. The rice was grown by absorbing natural nutrients.

SUENAGA KAISAN “Ushioni(Boiled)” Oysters

It is processed by the fisherman's direct manufacturing method that does not use any salt or water. Freshly picked oysters from Sanriku are carefully simmered only with the umami extract "Ushio" to confine the original taste of oysters.

SUENAGA KAISAN Grilled oysters

Ishinomaki oysters, which are rich in umami, are boiled and seasoned only with "tide", roasted over an open flame, and then aged at low temperature to condense the flavor. Please enjoy the rich taste of oysters.

HORAIYA HONTEN Hundred Years Jiuqu Ama Sake

It is characterized by its natural sweetness that brings out the flavor and is refreshing. Since it contains only Jiuqu (no sugar added), it contains sugar that is easily digested and absorbed, making it ideal for sugar and hydration during fatigue. Alcohol content 0.00%.

SENREI Scallops (CAS Frozen Process)

Senrei provides the premium scallop adductors frozen by the CAS (Cells Alive System) technology which keeps not only “freshness” but aloso “Umami (taste)”.

YAMANAKA Frozen Oyster with shell

Oysters are called ''milk in the ocean" in Japan. Our oysters are immediately frozen after landing at -50 degrees in our tunnel and proton freezers. YAMANAKA select best season oysters harvested from March to June.


MIGAKI-ICHIGO is strawberry brand which was born in Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi-pre. MIGAKI-ICHIGO is superiority and stable strawberry because it is cultivated by master craftmanship ×IT tech. You can enjoy MIGAKI-ICHIGO in special packages.

SANYOU SUISAN Bagna Cauda Sauce

We used our original "oyster paste" abundantly to create a rich and profound taste created by the original recipe.

KAMOGAWA Kimoto Classic

We are particular about making raw sardines. In consideration of terroir, the raw materials are limited to Yamagata rice "Dewa no Sato" and "Sawanohana". It is a sake made from rice grown by sucking the same water as the prepared water.

MARUSEN FARM The Finest Tomato Juice “Scarlet Tears”

Uses "Oko Delicious Tomato", which is difficult to cultivate and is said to be a phantom variety. A 100% additive-free juice made by squeezing the finest delicious tomatoes with the highest sugar content (10 degrees or more) that can only be obtained in a few percent of the total yield.

KITANIHON SUISAN Abalone “Ezoawabi”

Abalone from Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture is called ‘Ezoawabi’, which is more expensive than ‘Kuroawabi’ or ‘Madakaawabi’. The supplier is proud of its finest quality.


Seasonal "Kitamurasakiuni" from Hirono sea urchin farm is carefully steamed immediately after landing and combined with Iwate butter made from high quality raw milk. Sea urchin content 70%.


A dried abalone made from Sanriku farmed abalone. In this way, the shape, color, taste, and quality of the product are as good as those of natural abalone. increase.


Made by traditional way of Shiogama region with just only seawater and seaweed (Akamoku). Non-additive color and Non-additive flavor. Flavored by natural seaweeds, fruits and herbs.


Gibasa (Japanese name akamoku) is a seaweed of sticky x crispy texture that has long been known on the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region. Seaweed akamoku is a functional ingredient containing a lot of polyphenols, dietary fiber, fucoidan, etc.


Gibasa (Japanese name akamoku) is a seaweed of sticky x crispy texture that has long been known on the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region. Seaweed akamoku is a functional ingredient containing a lot of polyphenols, dietary fiber, fucoidan, etc.

ag-people Premium 100% Wild Grape Juice

In an unusual practice, we thoroughly raise our Japanese indigenous wild grape, the Crimson Glory vine, in cool climates. Try it straight to taste the juice itself first. It goes well with bread and meat-based dishes. It shows its true potential in a sauce with red meat, deer, pheasant, and other game. Please enjoy our Crimson Glory grape juice in any situation, whether at a restaurant, at a party, or as a gift.

KAIYU Steamed Oyster without shell

Condensed the natural taste of the oyster by just steaming the shelled oyster in the Gulf of Ogatsu as it is. Without any pretreatments, it is easily available for oyster cuisine just after defrosting under flowing water. 20 pieces in a pack (approx.25g a piece).

ABECHO SHOTEN Abri Samma (Roasted & Marinated Pacific Saury)

It is a special dish by deeply marinating seasonal pacific sauries caught in Sanriku in sweet vinegar and grilling so that they can be toasty flavor and easy to eat including their skin.

ABECHO SHOTEN Tuna-Mayo Flakes (Fish Flakes seasoned Mayonnaise)

Softly steamed Sanriku tuna are thoroughly flaked and mixed with mayonnaise to make "Tuna-Mayonnaise", the classic filling of Japanese rice balls.

ABECHO SHOTEN Iwashi Amazuni (Sardine simmered in Sweet Vinegar & Soy sauce)

Iwashi amazuni is a classic Japanese fish dish that sardine simmered in a sweet vinegar and soy sauce. It’s individually packaged for one serving, so it is good as side dish or for people who living alone.

ABECHO SHOTEN Samma Shogani (Pacific Saury simmered in Ginger & Soy sauce)

We packed in a small pack which is convenience because it is available for your microwave to keep the traditional Sanriku taste.

ABECHO SHOTEN Saba Misoni (Pacific Mackerel simmered in Miso Sauce)

Saba misoni is a classic Japanese fish dish that mackerel simmered in a miso based sauce. It’s individually packaged for one serving, so it is good as side dish or for people who living alone.

ABECHO SHOTEN Saba Chip (Black Pepper Flavor / Hot Chili Flavor / Curry Flavor)

Otsumami Saba Chips are thin slices of Mackerel that have been fried and seasoned with Uyuni salt and Black pepper or hot chili  or curry flavor.

MARURI FOODS Frozen Aosa Nori (Monostroma nitidum Wittrock)

From severe winter season to spring, we carefully wash our carefully cultivated and harvested Aosanori by our own process, and become a product that brings out the original color and flavor of the Aosanori.

UOKIKU SUISAN Frozen Chopped Boiled Conger Eel

After simmering fresh-caught conger eels that are landed at the fishing port of Miyagi prefecture, we season them with our special sauce that has perfect balanced sweet-salty taste. You can eat them simply as appetizers, but there are so many ways to enjoy Chopped boiled conger eel. You can put them on the top of white rice to make your Chopped boiled conger eel bowl, enjoy with salad, use as an ingredient of omelet and as a topping of pizza, etc. This is the traditional flavor that you will love and everyone will love.

SASAKEI Maru Cheese

It is the kamaboko which wrapped and steamed the creamy natural cheese in a high-quality surimi.

SASAKEI Sasakamaboko (Premium Fishcake)

This is a Sasakamaboko using only the high quality fish from Alaska coast. It is delicious kamaboko even if I unpack it.

KANEDAI Peeled Shrimp 3L

The shrimps is sweet and melt in the mouth. This product is good for commercial use. It is sealed with a film, so you don't need to worry about worsening of color and taste.

KANEDAI Pacific saury in Soy sauce with Yuzu flavor

We used a saturated steam cooker and make even bones soft and good enough to be eaten. Uneven heating does not occur compared with the product using a retort pot, and it is characteristic of this product to have its natural appearance.

SANYO SUISAN Frozen Half-Shell Oysters

We carefully select every ingredient and are vigilant with our safety management by means of repeated cleaning using ozone-sterilized sea water. After the oysters are shucked, they are carefully washed one by one and then quick-frozen with nitrogen. Also, thanks to our defrosting method, our frozen oysters can be enjoyed all year, with a taste and texture that is almost indistinguishable from fresh oysters! This product stands out because of its convenience—no bothersome shucking, only use the amount you need at the time you need it—and its availability 365 days a year at a consistent quality and price.

SANYO SUISAN Deep Fried Oysters

Only large oysters were selected, wrapped in batter and coarse breadcrumb one by one carefully. The crisp coating big oyster is very juicy. The flyed oyster that you can enjoy even without sauce.


MIGAKI-ICHIGO Mousseux is a Japanese Sparkling Wine made from 100% natural premium strawberries. Enjoy fruity strawberry aroma and slightly sweet taste.

YAMANAKA Frozen Scallop Meat

Quick frozen immediately after loaded. Grown up in Sanriku, which is 3-best fishing ground in the world.

WIDEFOOD Wagyu Sendai Beef (Sirloin Butt to Tri-Tip)

Sendai Beef is a branded Japanese beef of A5 and B5 rank. One of the most delicious Japanese beef. Here is an introduction from Sirloin Butt to Tri-Tip.

WIDEFOOD Wagyu Sendai Beef (Shank to Frank)

Sendai Beef is a branded Japanese beef of A5 and B5 rank. One of the most delicious Japanese beef. Here is an introduction from Shank roll to Frank.

WIDEFOOD Wagyu Sendai Beef (Chuck roll to Brisket)

Sendai Beef is a branded Japanese beef of A5 and B5 rank. One of the most delicious Japanese beef. Here is an introduction from Chuck roll to Brisket.